Things Fall Apart: Writing Style in Chapter 6


            Throughout chapters 5-9, the reader witnesses a diversity of the African culture as demonstrated by Achebe. The belief of Africa as one culture has been diminished and Achebe’s description of the wrestling match of Chapter 6 clearly demonstrates the predominant activities in Umuofia.

Personification: “The air, which had been stretched taut with excitement, relaxed again” (Achebe 48).

Simile: “The drummers took up their sticks and the air shivered and grew tense like a tightened bow” (Achebe 49).

Sentence structure: Abrupt sentences followed by descriptive ones. Usually include sensory details are either personified or used as similes. Also in this chapter, the reader witnesses an increase in dialogue as well as the character development of Ekewfi, Okwonko’s second wife.


In this chapter, Achebe describes the events as if the reader were at the event but was unable to witness all events at once. This sense of welcoming allows the reader to witness the Igbo culture as it is meant to be portrayed by Achebe.


Question: How has Achebe’s abrupt writing style in Chapter 6 relate to the wrestling event? Does this style of writing enhance the description of the excitement that is taking place during the event?


Statement: Achebe’s abrupt writing style makes Chapter 6 seem more fast-paced in comparison to other chapters. Achebe accomplishes this by creating a commentary-like scenario for the reader to feel as if they were witnessing the event.