Question: From the list below, which is an important feature of client-centered therapy?

a. dream interpretation

b. biomedical therapies

c. psychoneuroimmunology

d. free association

e. unconditional positive regard


1.     The correct answer is (e) unconditional positive regard.

2.     Answer choice (e) is correct because in client-centered therapy, the therapist does not interpret what the client says but merely repeats it. Unconditional positive regard is important because it creates an environment where the client is comfortable in sharing his or her feelings without feeling as if they are being judged.

3.     (a) Dream interpretation is incorrect because that relates to psychoanalysis and the interpretation of dreams. (b) Biomedical therapies is incorrect because client-centered therapy is not biomedical and therefore would not make sense as an important feature. (c) Psychoneuroimmunology is not right because it deals with how the mind affects health and does not relate to the question. (d) Free association is incorrect because it is a psychoanalytic technique.