1.07 Assignment


Case 1: I do not agree with this study and would deny it. The Psychology Department is unnecessarily harming rats to show brain legions and I believe that does not have to be demonstrated first hand. It would be just as educational to show a video explaining what happens to the rat’s brain. Although the brain surgery is ethical since they are using anesthesia to perform the surgery, only performing the surgery where a demonstration will not teach the class anything new is unethical. I feel it is unnecessary harm to the animals.


Case 2: I completely disagree with this study. I would definitely deny this. I feel what the university is doing is pure cruelness and is harming the animal that does not deserve it. The university cannot assume that one particular dog will be put down. Every dog deserves a chance and it is not the university’s power to decide which dogs live and which do not. I feel the surgical techniques can be done to other animals with similar biological structures (there are definitely plenty of alternatives). I would not let this pass.


Case 3: I agree with this and approve it. As far as the description goes, Dr. Hames is not harming the children at all. He is even giving the parents $250 and the kids get gift cards to a toy store. The doctor is definitely getting the parents’ consent and the experiment also does not seem to have to deceive the kids or the parents. The experiment seems safe and the parents seem to receive fair compensation. This experiment is fine.


Case 4: I actually agree with this experiment. The fact is, no one is forcing anyone to join the experiment. If someone is extremely desperate for some money, then this may not be such a bad idea. She is inflicting harm on people and there are some pretty severe side affects, but then again the subjects are aware of both conditions. Also, there are only slight chances of pain and temporary paralysis. Nothing is forced so this study is approved.