1.  In five to seven sentences, explain how you perceive yourself.  Describe how you see your “real” self.

To begin with, I perceive myself as hardworking and conscientious. My work is usually a priority for me and I attempt to put my best efforts into it. One of my best abilities is to be able to use technology. I enjoy researching and dealing with different technological ideas and am always willing to learn more. Along with my interests in science and technology are video making and composing music. Editing and directing are my primary interests, and I view myself as a decent movie producer. Composing music has always been a hobby of mine since I am sufficient at the piano. While I have yet to compose a song that I actually enjoy, I perceive myself as rather skilled at the piano. As a person, I believe myself to be kind and friendly. I tend to accept others for who they are and reserve all judgment. Of course, this is not always possible.

  1. In five to seven sentences, explain how you would describe your “ideal” self. 

Sometimes, I feel as if I value my opinion more than others. That being said, I would like my ideal self to take into consideration everyone’s opinion and be more open-minded. My ideal self would also be more creative and innovative. I would like to be able to come up with new ways to help the problems in the world, methods that are efficient and helpful. Physically, I would love to be taller. Six foot would be ideal, but any extra height would be great. I’m a bit on the shorter side, which I don’t mind too much, but gaining extra height would be a bonus. Finally my ideal self would also have perfect vision, because I hate being dependent on another source everyday just to see. I actually think I look better with glasses, but being reliant on something that can easily break or get lost is quite a setback.

  1. In three to five sentences, compare and contrast your “real” self and “ideal” self.

In many ways, my ideal self is quite similar to my real self. I would like my ideal self to be intelligent and hardworking and I feel as if I have reached that stage already. My ideal self would also have a wide range of talents, which I somewhat have. Movie production and composing music are two extra talents I have, but I have always wanted my ideal self to be decent at karate or fencing, the latter of which I’m hoping to start soon. Finally, my ideal self would be much taller than I am now, which could still be a possibility.

  1. In three to five sentences, explain what the humanistic perspective would say about your findings.  Explain possibilities for why there may not be a complete overlap for each self.

The humanistic perspective would most likely say that I perceive the world as positive. There are only two or three factors of my ideal self that have not lined up with my real self. The possibility for the incomplete overlap is most likely due to my tendency to be close-minded and my narrow interests. My real self is also often harsh on myself when I do not achieve what I desire, but my ideal self would hope to improve that. As a whole, I feel as if my real and ideal selves have overlapped quite a bit. I am sure that in the near future they will overlap even more.