The Cat Who Lived in a Drainpipe takes place in Venice, Italy.  Three cats, Nero, Sandro, and Seppi are cats that have different personalities and characteristics.  Although they are different, there is one thing that binds all the cats together; music.

            Nero was a large, pitch black cat.  He was a very tough cat.  Nero helped his master, Benno Fosco, with chimney sweeping.  Since Nero was black, all the soot that would get on him wouldn’t be shown on his fur.  This is why he was a perfect cat for chimney sweeping.  Nero would mostly stay silent, but sometimes Nero would want to show off his talent, asking, “Does anybody fell like a fight?”  Nero knew, as every other cat did, that he was very tough indeed.  All the other cats would keep quiet when this question was asked.  Then all the cats would relax when Nero would leave.  Bold and tough Nero had some differences than quiet Sandro.

            Sandro was a nothing like Nero.  He had long, soft fur which was a dark orange color.  He was always calm and very lazy.  Sandro liked to spend most of his days on a red velvet cushion, relaxing.  He slept in the bedroom of his mistress, who was a princess and lived in one of the grandest street of Venice.  The princess thought Sandro was a beautiful cat, and used to comb him two or three times a day.  The only exercise Sandro every got was a bath.  A spoiled and pampered cat was Sandro, and also a much different cat than Seppi.

            Seppi was a much smaller cat than Nero and Sandro.  Seppi lived in a drainpipe and didn’t belong to anyone.  His mother had drowned when she had fallen off a fishing boat.  After that, Seppi had not grown.  The only food Seppi got was fish heads and macaroni from garbage heaps.  Seppi was not a pretty cat.  He had black and white patches with a black mask across his white face.  He had one black paw and three white paws.  His tail was only a black stump.  His short tail ruined his balance.  He couldn’t leap gracefully onto narrow ledges.  Still, Seppi was determined to leap gracefully.  People laughed at him because he looked like a clown.  Although Nero and Sandro weren’t Seppi’s friends, there was still music that they all loved.  Nero and Sandro admired little Seppi’s voice.  All three cats met every Friday evening and sang.  They would start with Nero, then Sandro, and then Seppi.  When it was Seppi’s turn, everyone in Venice would look to see who was singing.  Seppi may have been small and ugly, but his voice was powerful.

            Even though Nero, Sandro, and Seppi weren’t friends, there was only one thing that could bind them together; music.  Nero thought he was too tough; Sandro was too lazy; and Seppi was too small.  All that may have been true, but all of them knew that they all were passionate for music.