Calcium Carbonate: The Thing I Just Ate

Walking home after a long school day,

I got kinda hungry since I hadn’t eaten much on the way.

I pulled out a protein bar and I walked and ate,

When it was then I realized I had ingested calcium carbonate.

Oh, what a substance, I had to know more,

But by the time I got home it was after four!

I did some research that was quite profound,

And I saw it was an ionic compound.

Its beautiful white structure may look like chalk,

Like the stuff I used to draw on the sidewalk.

But what is it used for, oh, what does it do?

Does it make my body healthier or make my dreams come true?

“Wow!” I thought, the words came out in flux,

It has the potential to help in acid reflux!

It’s found in limestone, marble too,

With a molecular weight of 100 amu.

Found in eggshells, snail shells, and seashells as well,

It can act as a vitamin supplement and acid it can repel.

Even broccoli has it; all the dark green vegetables are in,

If you don’t eat it, your heartburn might win!

Did you know it makes up 4% of the earth’s crust?

Or that our planet is the only place where it can be found?

Good thing we have all the calcium carbonate,

Nice and safe and sound.