1. Which personality test(s) did you conduct?

I conducted both the personality tests; the Big Five test and the color test. Both were extremely different. The Big Five test, I felt, was more detailed and more accurate. The questions were simple and easy to understand and the types of questions asked seemed legitimate in determining personality. The color test, however, was more abstract and simpler. I’m not sure how reliable that one actually was because of the results. On the other hand, I asked my sister to perform the color test as well and she felt it was extremely accurate and matched up perfectly with the Big Five personality test.

  1. What were your results?

For the Big Five test, it measured the OCEAN acronym. In openness, I received a relatively low, meaning I am down-to-earth and less interested in art. For conscientiousness, I scored a relatively high, meaning I am organized and persistent. In extraversion, I received an average, meaning I’m not too energetic nor am I too quiet. In agreeableness I scored relatively high. This means I’m friendly, cooperative, and trusting. Finally, in neuroticism, I received a relatively low, meaning I am not insecure or emotionally distressed.

  1. Did any of your findings surprise you?

The Big Five test results did not surprise me at all. The color test, however, had some surprising results. The color test said I was not a team player and am very emotional artistic. This completely rejected the previous test I had taken, and I feel the color test was less accurate. The test also said I was being forced to be happy due to my limiting circumstances and that I have to put my hopes and desires on hold for the time being. Apparently, I also fear others from holding me back and can manipulate others.

  1. What would be the dangers of taking an online personality assessment?

One of the major problems of taking an online personality assessment is that there is no person-to-person contact that can help interpret the results. As a result, people could believe they have some serious psychological problems. Many people do not realize that whatever their “symptoms” for their psychological problems are, other people have the same “symptoms” and simply need a professional to reassure them that they are not encountering any psychological problems. Some may take the results too seriously while others may actually believe the test even if the test has been flawed. It’s important to only use personality tests for entertainment and perhaps as a very general guideline for personality, but the test does not determine the being.