1.     Occipital lobe, Parietal lobe, Frontal lobe, Temporal lobe

Oliver Parted From Tommy

This is a mnemonic device I came up with to remember the four lobes of the brain. The sequence of the lobes is also in order if one starts from the back of the brain and works their way counter-clockwise. This mnemonic device is helpful because it is a reference to my favorite television show, Arrow. In the show, Tommy, Oliver’s best friend, dies and “parts” from Oliver.

2.     Broca’s aphasia is a condition that prohibits the person from speaking fluently. Boca means “mouth” in Spanish. Therefore, Broca’s aphasia can become Boca’s aphasia.


To remember Broca’s aphasia, I used the memory technique known as elaboration. In elaboration, one takes a term and associates it with a common object or idea. Since Broca reminds me of boca, I thought it would be appropriate to associate those two terms with each other, especially since boca means mouth. This is going to be a huge help for me because I always confused Broca’s aphasia with Wernicke’s aphasia.