2.06 Lyrics


Medulla: The medulla is responsible for basic life functions,

We need this part of the brain to actually be something.

Since it lets us breathe, swallow, and live,

It’s obvious we would die without it, enough said.

But wait, there’s more, where can we find it?

Is it just next to the brain or maybe right behind it?

Oh there, we found it, the first large swelling,

On top of the spinal cord, now we’re done dwelling.



Hippocampus: It makes sense that the hippocampus’s hard to forget,

Wait it’s responsible for memory? Yup, you bet!

 Yeah it’s a curved structure in the temporal lobes,

Lets you remember places like ones on the globe.

If you ever forget where you placed something,

Your hippocampus will probably know nothing!

Hopefully it’s clear what the hippocampus is for,

It really likes to store memories and more.